“What a great event. My business partner and I left the Easy Cash Flow Bootcamp feeling so excited and ready to dive into our numbers. Mark taught powerful tools that made looking at our business finances fun, easy and accessible. He also delivered it with so much heart!

Now we can see a clear path to our financial goals. Thank you so much!

-Jenn August, C.H, C.L.S.C
Business Hypnotherapist & Success Coach
Musical Philanthropist

“Mark, I just had to write and tell you how much you’ve impacted my life since I started the Easy Cash Flow program! Before I started with you, I had no clue about what I should be tracking, how to think about rearranging things to make it all work, or how much fun it could be to realize that I can actually DO THIS!! My clients are thrilled and, I’m excited to be putting numbers I can understand into a system that makes sense. But even more important is that my husband is very happy to see more of me, and our time together is more like the honeymoon we thought would never end! We just recently had 4 days away that were really awesome! I see that as the norm for the future, and can’t thank you enough!

The short version? Easy Cash Flow rocks, and so do you!!

-Allison Rapp, CA, USA

“Before going to Mark’s Workshop I felt disempowered around the numbers aspect of my business. I was afraid of my numbers. After attending the Workshop, I am not afraid anymore. On the contrary, I feel empowered. I understand that guiding my business from knowing my numbers is a HUGE asset! They gave me templates and easy to follow instructions and now, I have simple steps to take to stay on track and my business is extremely inspiring to me. I got a big Vision and a clear way of making it happen. I highly recommend Mark’s workshop!”

-Nathalie Chapron, CEO 

“I have an MBA and a background with numbers. Unlike everyone else at the Easy Cash Flow Intensive I’m already in the WORLD of what numbers are all about! With what Mark and Josanne Holland created with us, this went way beyond the usual. This is exactly the kind of approach to numbers I was looking for – future and performance based.The powerful framework we went through will make a phenomenal difference in tracking our activities weekly, monthly. I can already see how this is going to impact the way my business partner and I are going to look at our numbers – giving us the tools to forge ahead into our future!”

-John Keathley, MBA
Director of Finance & Operations
Oakland Manual Therapy

“Brilliant work! I am thrilled that Mark and Josanne created this approach. Before I went to their Easy Cash Flow Intensive I had no idea what numbers in my business meant. I never looked at them until a year later when I went over my yearend with my CPA. And that wasn’t making much sense, what was the use anyways, it’s the past.Now I’m using the power of my numbers to create the future of my business. I left the workshop with an Action Plan to get from where I am, to fulfill on my Vision. From being scared of the numbers, like a victim of a fait accompli, I now have simple formulas that I can use to calculate where I want to be in my business. I keep track of the activities to see where I am at each month. Having transformed my relationship with numbers I now am more daring in what profits I’m aiming for – and I am freed up in seeing the pathway to accomplishing this with ease.”

-Nathalie Ekobo
Turn your business into gold

“I had no idea I can have numbers that make sense to me and that make my vision come alive! Mark makes it sooo easy to take small steps that will add up. He breaks it down in a way that anyone can do it! Thank you so much, Mark. You are truly not only a genius at accounting and business, but also at making it understandable for the rest of us!”

-Sandy Zeldes, Nutritionist
Eat Like a Goddess

“Before I took the Easy Cash Flow System I had no grasp on how to handle the finances in my business. I was intimidated by what a cash flow entailed, not to talk about creating one myself. Quite beyond my skill set, to say the least. Would there be anyone capable of giving me a glimpse of what this takes? I didn’t think there was. As a result I was worried about anything having to do with finances in my life. Paying bills was a dreaded chore, I was scrambling to cover expenses not knowing where all the money went. Even though I have a cheerful disposition, there was this underlying anxiety.

At an event for my professional development Mark Holland was introducing the Easy Cash Flow System. I was inspired by his sharing. Particularly his certainty that he was going to take the most uninformed person to be in control of their finances. That would be me.

I was euphoric, a dream come true, there is a way, something I didn’t imagine possible. Through the course of the problem I started to connect the dots, what actions it takes to fulfill on a budget, how to compare to the forecast every month. What it will take for my business to thrive and what the numbers are telling me whether that is happening or not. I am now open to exploring new ways of approaching my business. My creativity has gone way up, I’m freed up to take the steps to have my results for this year go beyond what I had whispered under my breath. I can actually make it happen!”

-Shirley Norwood, Owner
Relationship Coach

“Before I signed up for the Easy Cash Flow webinar I really had no idea how to deal with the finances in my company. As well, I didn’t have a clear sense of what value to put on my services, and how much to charge. With that lack of certainty came a lack of confidence. No surprise I was disorganized in my finances. I was barely getting by, not to talk about fulfilling the potential of my business. When a friend of mine suggested I take this course I was more following her sense of urgency than really getting how much I had tolerated this mess. In the beginning sessions I was completely overwhelmed, seeing this for the first time in all its pervasiveness. I was overwhelmed, telling myself: I’m not getting this! At the same time I was getting glimpses of something being available, an excitement underneath all of this.

Now I am so grateful to my friend for introducing me to amazing training being available. I hung in there for 8 sessions for 2 months and I reaped the rewards. It’s like a personal growth course for financial acumen and growing your business. I believe in myself, my capacity to move my company forward. I’m ready to take on the adventure of my game with assertiveness. The last 2 sessions have totally opened my eyes to the value I bring, how to add value and what I can charge for that. I can truly say I had an epiphany – Game’s on!”

-Teresa Funk
Body by Funk